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DNR Corporation

DNR Corporation

Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

EDM Oils & HPCL Oils

We are one of the established firms who have gained an enviable position in the field of manufacturing Automotive & Industrial greases & oils in the Small Scale Sector. These oils and greases are formulated using selected mineral oils and other ingredients, which is responsible for its ability to lubricate the machine parts effectively with almost no wear and tear. Our entire range includes automotive industrial products, sparking oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, quenching oil, engine oil, gear oil, rust preventive oil, sewing machine oil, neat cutting oil, semi-synthetic cutting oil, mineral based cutting oil, automotive lubricant oil, rust preventive oil, industrial lubricant oil, metal rust preventive oils, hydraulic lubricating oil, lubricating gear oil, engine lubricating oil and hydraulic gear oil.

Synthetic Technology Straight Cutting Oil

Synthetic Technology Edm oil

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Industrial oils lubricants

Water Soluble Cutting Oil for CNC VMC Machines

HPCL Enklo 68

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Enklo 68 HPCL Oil


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EDM Dielectric OilGet Quotation

EDM Dielectric Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Elasto 710 Rubber Process Oils

HPCL Rust Preventive Oil

Neat Cutting Oil

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Neat Cutting Oil

EDM Oil Sparking Oil Die Electric Fluid

Spark Erosion Oil

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Spark Erosion Oil

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Sparking Oils

Neat Cut Straight Cutting Oil Fluid


CNC Machine Cutting Oil

Cutting Oil Metal Working Fluid

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Neat Cutting Oil

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Soluble Cutting Oil

Rust Preventive Oil

Aromatic Rubber Process Oil

Edm Wire Cut coolant

EPDM Shoe Sole Rubber Processing Oil

Long Life EDM Oil

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Long Life EDM Oil

Industrial Compressor Oil

Automatic Double Mitre Saw Machine Oil

Spark Erosion Fluid

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Spark Erosion Fluid

Dielectric EDM Fluid

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Dielectric EDM Fluid

Gear Oil Ep 90 Ep 140

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Compressor Oil

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Gear Oil

Straight Cutting Oil for Textile Mills

Aluminum Machine Cutting Oil for Steel Mills

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Thread Oil

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Machine Cutting Oil

Syntherm Semi Synthetic Thermic Fluid

EP 000 Liquid Grease

Quenching Oil

Pao Based Synthetic Compressor Oil

Slideway Lubrication Oil

Paraffin Rubber Process Oils

Enklo Hlp 68 Circulating Oil

Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil